Defamation Explanation

Defamation Definitions

Legally speaking, what is defamation? It's a lot more than just a negative statement.

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Read about celebrity defamation lawsuits playing out in courts around the world.

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Celebrities v. Private Citizens

Does U.S. defamation law differentiate between celebrities and non-celebrities? It sure does. As slander and libel plaintiffs, famous folks must meet a higher standard of proof. Us regular folks only have to prove negligence when making a defamation claim. Celebrity defamation cases are a different story. Famous folks must prove that the accused acted with actual malice.

Sometimes, It’s Better To Be A Nobody

It’d be easier for you or me to win a defamation lawsuit (that is, if you’re not a local or international celebrity) than it would be for Raphael Nadal, Beyonce or Sean Penn to do so. Non-famous people only have to prove our adversaries acted negligently when making statements. Celebrities, though, must demonstrate that their adversaries knowingly lied with the intent to cause harm.